AOSantos Customs Brokerage

AOSantos Customs BrokerageAOSantos Customs BrokerageAOSantos Customs Brokerage


Brokerage Services


  • As per data received our brokerage team can immediately classify and get tariff rates and compute duties, taxes and other charges at the lowest possible computation
  • Our brokerage team can give advises regarding restriction and regulation in importation
  • To better serve you, We can secure and process government permit & certificates in behalf of the consignee
  • Guaranteed fast effecient entry preparation and submission
  • With enough manpower to do messengerial task within Metro Manila to pick up and collect documents pertaining to clearance for client convenience
  • Guaranteed 1-2 days delivery lead-time for Warehousing Entries and 1-2 days lead-time for Consumption Entries
  • Continues monitoring and job status reporting to consignees up to delivery of cargoes
  • Faster billing issuance


  • Clear coordination with appropriate government and private entities to facilitate immediate documentation and cargo processing upon receipt of shipper specification and instructions.
  • Immediate preparation of Export Declaration and other related export documentation requirements such as Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Inspection and Loading, Embassy Certification, etc
  • Continues cargo movement monitoring and under-guarding up to port of departure for loading
  • Fast issuance of export documentation copies and billing to shippers.

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